NThere is nothing better than an Egyptologist to tell you about the best and most worthwhile archaeological sites to visit, correctly explain the history of this wonderful civilization that is the cradle of humanity, structure the logistics of the actual trip which includes museums, unmissable tours, ideal hotels, restaurants, bazaars, and other available cultural attractions.

In the late afternoons, I will be present giving you 40-minute classes on what we will be visiting on the following day, with the goal of ensuring that you make the most of this unique experience.

I will accompany you on all the tours and will be by your side, inside the pyramids explaining their chambers, passages and secrets not yet revealed.

And to finalize, in addition to the traditional tourist agencies itineraries, you will visit unknown pyramids that may prove to be even more interesting, visit an archaeological site where we will see Egyptologists and Archaeologists at work and experience some unique opportunities such as, a visit to the laboratory for the restoration of mummies and works of art in the Museum of Civilizations (NMEC) apart from also visiting the pyramids of Giza with the Director of Egyptology from the Ministry of Antiquities.

Come and join my group!

How about it?